Career Growth Summit 2.5
September 21-23, 2021

What can we do together to co-create a better path forward in Career Development?

Three Days of Free Learning and Networking Workshops:


Day 1: Career Resilience

  • Running Your Career Like a Business

  • Toxic Environment Awareness (and What to Do About It)

  • Workplace Dignity and D&I -- Finding a Community that Empowers You

  • Breaking Into Learning & Talent


Day 2: Empowerment League

  • I See You and the Burning Platform of Women and Women of Color

  • Playing Big, the crossover of Vitality, Viability, and Vulnerability

  • How Might We Masterclass


Day 3: Learning in the Mix

  • Hybrid as the New Norm

  • The Serious Side of Fun

  • Education Reimagined: Going Beyond Skills and Collaboration Teaming