Career Growth Summit 2.0
February 9-12, 2021

The Why Behind the L&D Cares Career Growth Summits:


The L&D Cares Career Growth summit aims to help co-create better approaches to help folks in their transition.


As a team, L&D Cares strives to assist people in positioning themselves for success by providing resources to help them reframe or reinvent their career. We like to say, “Do not look for a job like the one you have - look at the potential for the work you are capable of.”


There are multiple stakeholders in the talent acquisition and career change process:

  • Job seekers

  • Sourcing/Recruiters

  • Job L&D professionals in general

  • HR tech Vendors/Professional Organizations


The spirit behind the Career Growth Summit’s is about Talking TO not just ABOUT these various stakeholders. It is our aim to change that - to benefit YOU, your career growth and L&D.