Career Growth Summit 2.5
September 21-23, 2021

The Why Behind the L&D Cares Career Growth Summits


Led and curated by L&D Cares Director and Chief Talent Navigator, Elizabeth Lembke, the Career Growth Summits aim to foster personal and professional career growth in the spirit of co-creating a better path forward in career development.


We began our Summits in 2020 by bringing together researchers, practitioners, job seekers, recruiters, and talent and learning professionals to talk with each other rather than about each other. Our first two Summits were a testimony of seeking to understand in order to be better understood, with interactive and collaborative sessions, talks, and panel discussions.


As we continue to evolve, we are creating the next stage in fostering a better path forward in career development focused on co-creating by asking a simple question, “OK, what does this mean for me and the teams I am working with or on?"


The theme for the September Summit is what we call #MiddleofStrangeness – as we find ourselves in the midst of various experiments, transitions, and changes in the world of work, and thereby the world of talent and learning.


Day 1 focuses on Career Resilience and Workplace Dignity. Day 2 brings forward the Empowerment League. Day 3 is all about Learning in the Mix.