Career Growth Summit Resources
  • Our wonderful series of talks from previous Career Growth Summits, are now live on our YouTube channel! The September 2020 CGS 1.0 and the February 2021 CGS 2.0 talks are curated into a series of learning journeys. These two amazing summits brought together various perspectives from recruiters, learning and talent researchers, practitioners, and job seekers and include a wealth of insights for anyone looking into “what’s next” for their career development journey. And it is all free! Truly, #wearethehoneycomb


  • L&D Cares Career Growth On The Regular (CCTOR). To keep the momentum and opportunity to dive into learning “On-The-Regular,” we experiment with themes that are important to our own growth. Every two months, we tackle a “do-it-to-learn-it” format on various topics, such as The Personal Side of Change, or The Serious Side of Fun. The team is led by Terri Maske.


  • Collaborations. Our #WelcomeIntoTheAwesome aka #WITA2021 is a collaboration between L&D Cares and #GLDC, in which two co-instigators, L&D Cares Career Growth Lead Elizabeth Lembke and Global Learning and Development Community Founder John Hinchcliffe, invited an incredible crew to learn how to pull off events, and with mentors and supporters in tow helped debut 49 brave and awesome first time speakers and experimenters to the virtual stage under the motto: “Nothing to prove, everything to learn” #BestSpeakersYouveNeverHeard. The awesomeness continues!


  • yourFlock collaborates with L&D Cares as a win-win-win. As an L&D job seeker, how can we talk about our portfolio, when we are not allowed to share our portfolio? As professionals, how can help drive commitment to our own learning? As HR Tech and Instructional Designers, how can we co-create well-founded learning activities that actually help personal and professional team growth? A helpful and fruitful co-creation.


  • And…all we can say is watch this space. With the Career Growth stream, there are always interesting and fun activities going on, so if you are a Learning Maven would like to get involved, we bid you welcome, there is always space at our table!