Jesse Ihde

Jesse Ihde is credentialed through the ICF as an Associate Certified Coach. What is distinct about Jesse’s coaching practice is her commitment to the deeper journey coupled with her experience in the corporate world as a business owner of an award-winning marketing agency. Jesse honed her business acumen, working with executives from start-ups to Fortune 500 so her understanding is not just theoretical, it’s practical. Also, coaching works.

Jesse and her husband Josh live in Texas with their two children. They are part of the most enthusiastic cul-de-sac of families with gaggles of children and dogs. Jesse’s a dog person, a book person, a travel person, a food and wine person, and has serious JOMO (the joy of missing out). On Saturdays you can find her in climbing gyms and basketball courts. On Sundays you will find her in a range of sanctuaries including the dirt in her flower beds and garden, her front porch with her dogs, lost in a good book or folding laundry.

Enneagram 4. Meyers Briggs: INFP. Strengthfinders: Belief, Responsibility, Strategic, Input, Intellection. LGBTQ Ally.

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