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Our Story

We created L&D Cares to offer a voice of support, unity and caring to those who have experienced job disruption or loss due to the pandemic. Even prior to COVID-19, the world of work and the role of Learning in organizations has been changing. The current situation exacerbated the change in how we work and learn as well as the need for support in making the transition. As a team, L&D Cares assists people with a passion for talent development to be successful by providing resources to help them reframe or reinvent their careers. 


L&D Cares is:

  • an all-volunteer group of L&D and HR professionals dedicated to providing support for those in our industry who have been displaced and/or disrupted by the pandemic or shifts in how we work and learn. 

  • a growing and inclusive network of industry colleagues, partners, and friends; practitioners, consultants, suppliers, recruiters, learners, and associations. 

  • willing to accept support from all and sponsorship from none.

  • not a business or a non-profit, but a support group, that does not and will not collect or accept money for any services


We welcome your ideas, your challenges, and your journey.