Suzanne Mulder

Founding Director, Co-Creator: Career Support Network

Suzanne Mulder is the Head of Learning for the Global Data Division at Bloomberg, which is responsible for the timely and accurate delivery of data to the Bloomberg Professional services. Over the past 7 years, Suzanne has built a training team focused on transforming the skill sets needed during a time of radically changing technology in the world of Data, AI & Machine Learning. She spearheads innovative learning solutions to upskill the existing workforce and onboard new employees into the business.

Her 20-year career at Bloomberg has spanned various business units. She has taught finance courses to employees globally, performed system audits for regulatory reporting on Bloomberg’s order management system and helped launch Bloomberg Intelligence, the company’s research division.

Suzanne continues to be amazed and grateful that she’s working in the field of corporate training with a focus on digital upskilling. Her early career was in theatrical lighting design and she likes to bring the world of creative theatrical production into the corporate setting to create well-produced, curated and experiential programs for Bloomberg employees.