Our Story

What is L&D Cares?

About Us

Brandon Carson created L&D Cares in April 2020 to provide support and caring for talent development professionals who experienced job disruption or loss due to the pandemic. He assembled a group of L&D industry professionals who collectively brought together coaches, job recruiters, counselors, mentors, and other professionals who freely offered resources to help our community members get back on their feet. As our community grew, we began providing coaching and mentoring programs to anyone in the talent development profession. All our services and resources are provided at no cost through the hard work of our volunteer community. In 2022, we became a registered nonprofit.

Our Mission

Provide talent development professionals no-cost coaching, mentoring, and resources to help them thrive and flourish in their careers.

What We Offer

We provide programs designed by talent development professionals for talent development professionals in three key areas:

  • Coaching Program: A dedicated team of certified coaches that help our members establish and achieve their career goals

  • Mentoring Program: HR and L&D industry veterans that provide 1:1 mentoring services for new-to-career and mid-to-late-career talent development professionals

  • On-Demand Resources: Through podcasts, our YouTube channel and job postings, we help our members in their career development

Our Values

  • Service: We lead with compassion and expertise to offer support to members of our industry. We believe empathy and kindness within the HR and L&D community best advances our profession and builds connections within our practice. All L&D Cares services and resources are provided at no cost.

  • Inclusivity: We provide a sense of belonging in a meaningful, accessible community. We offer our services and resources to all people in the talent development industry regardless of position or means.

  • Empowerment: We uplift those facing challenges, creating a safe space to get advice, access services and resources, and be heard. We want our community to thrive, not just survive.

  • Integrity: We are committed to our values and follow through on our promises.

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We welcome your ideas, your successes, and your challenges.