Mentor Program

The L&D Cares Mentor Program

The L&D Cares Mentor Program connects industry veterans to L&D Cares Members at no cost, providing one-to-one mentoring. Our program:

Our Mentor Program Is open to all current L&D Cares members. If you are interested in connecting to one of our mentors, get started by filling out this form.

Our Mentoring Philosophy

Mentoring is a voluntary professional development approach that can contribute to career growth and satisfaction for mentees and mentors. Mentoring occurs when a more experienced professional (mentor) guides a less experienced professional (mentee) to:

L&D Cares offers mentoring with either a one-time conversation, or a maximum of three conversations. At their discretion, both the mentor and mentee can determine to continue beyond three sessions. L&D Cares encourages the mentor and mentee to establish the type of mentoring relationship that best suits the needs of the mentee. Each L&D Cares mentor is approved by our Board of Directors and is an industry professional either currently serving or has served in the profession.

Types of Mentoring Supported by L&D Cares

We believe the cornerstone of effective mentoring is the one-to-one conversation between the mentor and mentee. L&D Cares believes the primary goal of mentoring is to focus on the specific, individual needs of the mentee. Our mentors help our member mentees in a number of ways, including:

L&D Cares supports our mentors and mentees with a formal matching process to assist in selecting and/or pairing mentees and mentors. Review our Mentor Program playbook.

*You must be an L&D cares Member to participate as a mentee
in the Mentoring Program. 
To join, complete a membership application. Membership is free.